NERD UP (Kajabi) Tutorial Series

Annabel Linquist

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*pssst.....Geekery on demand ya'll.

A one of a kind (Kajabi-centric) tutorial series!

Are you super motivated to get your course going but can't figure out exactly how to use Kajabi? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? I was too, until I hunkered down and figured it all out. The good news is, I made you a massive shortcut.

*Check out NERD UP, a step by step series of Kajabi tutorials for the digitally-weary (or extra motivated) course builders! Nail your members area, login, website, blog, course delivery, and marketing with the least effort.

I'll show you exactly to do it, click by click!

This is a hand full of HOW I DO IT tutorials—showing you exactly how I build, configure, and market my courses from scratch. With this one (complete) series of tech tutorials and companion materials, you will have all the tools you need to WHIP UP your ultimate first course as fast as humanly possible.


p.s. You are welcome to email us with questions! [email protected]

Annabel Linquist

Annabel Linquist

“This super cool girl (Bel) is a force worth checking out.”

—Elle Magazine

Ohhmy goshh. *In 2011, I took over Vanity Fair's Summer Guide and accidentally became a blogger with a viral site (before Facebook even owned Instagram) overnight. Before accepting book deals and reality tv show offers (yup), I found a way to offer up my creative projects without signing them away to publishers or becoming totally beholden to advertisers to monetize my blog. I found the secret business model that I was looking for that gave me the freedom to do 100% what I wanted and OWN IT ALL. Knowledge commerce, baby! I want to teach you what I learned so you can copy my process and make your own profitable courses and build the life of your dreams! 

xx Bel (Supercrush Social Founder and CEO)