Fitness and Strength Building for Beginners

Kamlesh Thakur

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This course for beginners, introverts, and those who want to be regular to the gym, but are often shy, uncomfortable or intimidated by the gym environment and everything that goes on in there.

I help inspire and teach busy career professionals who want to "look attractive, be more confident, fit, strong and lean" while increasing energy and using stress productively.

Kamlesh Thakur

Kamlesh Thakur


I'm Kamlesh Thakur. Online Educator, and Leadership Coach.

My Purpose is "to inspire people to do things that transform and empower them, so they can become independent, and change their world doing what they're passionate about"

Health and Fitness is a foundational element in my teachings.

I look forward to serving you and helping you become the best version of YOU!