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There are so many amazing artists out there...whether you're a professional artist regularly exhibiting, or a person who just likes making stuff in your garage, then you're an artist.

And teaching kids art can be a great way to earn money (and the better you are at it, the more money you can make:)) It's a way for you to work at something creative and be in charge of your schedule.

But teaching kids art requires a unique set of skills that people often undervalue - behaviour management; how to get students; safety and accountability; what activities are age appropriate etc. And there are many more.

And not everyone has the time or the money to go out and get a teaching degree to learn the skills you need.

You need to know what activities will work with the kids, and what methods of teaching will get the best results. Jacqui Grantford has been teaching art to kids for years and also hiring artists to take classes. Through this, she has seen all the things that go into making a great teacher. And some of the things that many artists need to learn before they start this fantastic journey.

And it's these teaching skills that you will learn here.

You'll learn what to teach, what activities will work, and what suits different age groups. And very importantly, HOW to teach the kids. It's often just the activities that are covered in art teaching courses, and the HOW is forgotten...but it's SO important. Without these skills, you are making life hard for yourself. These are the skills Jacqui learnt when she studied all those years ago at University with 30 years of experience working with kids and hiring art teachers... and she wants to pass them on to you.

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Jacqui Grantford

Jacqui Grantford

Jacqui Grantford is an award-winning artist with a passion for art.

During her career, however, she has also been teaching kids art in workshops and schools, and this has been a wonderful way to provide a regular and reliable income to supplement her art practice. She has created and built a successful extra-curricular art school, employing many art teachers to run the classes.

Through this extensive experience, Jacqui has fine-tuned what it is to be brilliant at teaching kids art and now wants to share that wealth of knowledge with you.