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Karen Wilson

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This mini course is an over the shoulder tutorial of video editing from start to finish.

This course is all about the edit, and creation and not so much about the shoot or capture of imagery. If you have imagery great, if not, there will be plenty of ways to get it throughout the course that you don't even need to be in!

We will cover everything you need to know to make videos for your clients, your friends, or showcase your family vacations. From Airdrop to finished product. No tech skills required.

Plus BONUS section:

Planning templates to showcase your story and create impact and curiosity.

Choose your "story" template:

#1 Small business/Entrepreneur/Non-Profit- Subject is :Promotion of product or services  template

#2 Education/Teaching/Real Estate- This Template is all about bringing information alive.

#3 Recreation/Photo album/ memory capture/Self Documenting- 

We do everything techy from start to finish. Work alongside me and have your first movie ready for publishing in less than a day! (depending on length & style of video of course )

There are 3 main modules 

Module #1 - All the techy stuff to get started in one place from the moment you sit down, even if you’ve never tried this before, lessons are short & actionable. No time wasting here!

Module #2 Visual Effects

I don’t only show you the how, but I also share in bonus #2  all my fave free places to get cool graphics & royalty free stock photos & video to work into your videos.

Module #3 All about sound

Just like it sounds...Again from voiceovers to music sound effects & timing and all the royalty free tips for different social platforms.

Please note: If you already do a ton of iMovie and you are looking to level up your editing this may not be the course for you.

However, if your definition of levelling up is using story planning  templates and Royalty free tips & strategies, this may be the course for you.

 If you have a virtual assistant that you would like to do video for you, this will outsource some of the technical teaching. I'll take care of that for you! 

The 3rd bonus is me! This is a beta version first launch and I will be inside the virtual training room with you. Each day I will pop in to answer questions, and have even more special treatment coming your way for the first class of 2018 :)

 PS.. The price will not always be this low . It's an introductory price just for you :)

*Requirements>>> We are using a Mac with iMovie . You will have the best results using and implementing this course with a Mac, or any Mac laptop. iMovie is not available on a Windows PC or android phone.

Karen Wilson

Karen Wilson

I'm a business owner & Co- founder of CE Analytic LTD, Mom to 2 beautiful adult children and an old dog, and happy wife of a Systems Ecologist.

Part Time Beauty Advisor & Video Creator & Editor.

I have a strong passion for wellness, and helping others simplify their lives. 

I'll be honest with you, I find writing "bios" difficult because I wear many hats, however the centre core of me is creating and helping others tap into their creative expertise. 

When I first started building a virtual business I was moonlighting, and I spent a lot of time learning nuts and bolts of business. It was also the senior years of my children's time home. All of a sudden,(it seemed) they had moved out on their own. I can't help but feel like I kind of missed out on precious time.

There is a brand new generation entering the internet economy, and some have families, some don't, but we can all benefit from more time to spend with our loved ones...after all...that is WHY we work so hard, right?

When I can help speed up the young entrepreneur's learning pathways or escalate creative opportunities by sharing step by step nuts and bolts style virtual training it makes my heart smile, because I know I am giving the gift of time.