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Beverly Reynolds, Owner & Designer - H&T Design Media

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Branding Overview

You will learn about the 6-ING words to starting a new business.

That is, there are six main words that come to mind in terms of consideration, benefits and planning as you start and maintain a business that captures market share and stands out above the rest. In this case, ‘branding’ refers to how or if your clients recognize you and what you have to give or offer. Branding most certainly impacts success.

Let’s break it down…

  1. The first is MESSAGING. Many people think when they hear this word that conveying a business proposition is easy. They often assume that if they come up with a name and a catchy slogan AND then tell their friends, that clients will start flocking to their door. There are so many more logistics to consider that we will soon discuss throughout this content – regardless of topic . It is important to plan first before any work is started or completed. It is also crucial to have a CONSISTENT and repeatable message associated with both you and your business paired with dependability, flexibility and forward-thinking. Your message determines the salability (ability to effectively sell) of your offerings and brings clarity to your clients.
  2. The second is DESIGNING. The quickest way to stand out amongst a world of competitors is to have visual appeal in everything that is attached to your business name. That means all materials, both physical and online, MUST have the same name, imagery, color scheme, fonts, sizing and formatting.

    People need to be ‘fed’ the same look and feel with every interaction. Sometimes you only have a certain amount of time to be in front of a prospect or client, so it is important that when they see your information, that they understand at a glance what you are about.
  3. The third is Pricing doesn’t have to make or break your business. It is tantamount that your value received exceeds overall expectations.

    You might even consider having a test market to try out your pricing structure. Be sure to incorporate the feedback.
  4. The fourth is NETWORKING. For others to see you as a leader in the industry and an expert in your space, you must network and meet as many people as possible. Said differently, you must be involved in your community and attend events. That might include the local, national, or even, international level.

    Your business cannot succeed if people outside your friends and family do not know you exist. This may mean taking on a hobby, getting involved in a service organization or creating an event.
  5. The fifth is MARKETING. Marketing can be expensive through paid advertising, but can also be free or inexpensive, such as through word-of-mouth. We will cover free ways to be informative and where to spend your marketing budget dollars. No matter what ways you choose, it is imperative that you are consistent in your approach, while discovering what works best for you and your business. Never resist hard work. Some of the factors that impact the effectiveness of your marketing are out of your control, while others depend on the amount of work you put in.
  1. The sixth is MAINTAINING. After you have converted a prospect into a regularly-buying client, your job is not complete. There are several businesses that you are constantly competing with, even if they are not direct competition. That means that you will constantly have to be and remain a leader in your space, continue to research market trends and work to maintain a strong client base with a large pipeline. To reach new heights, you may consider hiring a creative and experienced branding consultant.
Beverly Reynolds, Owner & Designer - H&T Design Media

Beverly Reynolds, Owner & Designer - H&T Design Media

Beverly Reynolds, a seasoned instructional designer...

I am a corporate trainer and project manager with over 20 years of instructional design experience. My work has been seen and viewed at large corporate entities and several top, world-wide Fortune companies.

In addition to the corporations at which I have been employed, I have also started several small design shop businesses out of my home for remote and local clients. I have grown my businesses and gained trust of my clients by offering flexible services and packages.

Some of the work I have completed from home includes newspaper articles, feature magazine stories, animated course content, video scripting, flyer design, social media layout and the list goes on.

I look forward to sharing my experience and helping you too!