Young Living - Sales Conversion Mastery™

Dave Bernstein & Kristi Lee

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EXCLUSIVELY for Young Living Essentials Oils business builders!

Discover the carefully guarded secrets the pros use to accelerate their business profits, and how YOU can convert more leads, close more sales, and keep your customers coming back for more!

Discover Why...

Most people are afraid of networking, and how YOU can conquer fear, and spend more time connecting, while spending less time actually selling!

Learn How To...

Keep the fires stoked during your sales presentations, with a follow-up system that will not only keep your prospects interested, but virtually begging you for more information!

The Biggest Mistake...

Struggling salespeople commit, and how YOU can avoid falling into the same trap that is sabotaging your conversions, and eroding your income!

Why suffer through another long month of cold leads and even colder results

Sales Conversion Mastery™ for the Young Living leaders is for business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales people who are tired of the status quo, and looking to elevate their game.

Those who aren't afraid to grind and hustle, and to be the best.

Men and women who wake up every day, breathe in the morning air, and can't wait to hit the ground running.

Because this is the day you close that tough lead. The day you turn that tough prospect into a raving evangelist for your product. The day you feel unstoppable.

And Dave & Kristi are ready to help you get there, and become the sales ninja you know you can be!

This breakthrough, 9-module course, will help any Young Living Essentials Oils business builder elevate their sales, increase their network, and build better marketing relationships.


We can't wait to serve you, and elevate your sales......and results!

Dave Bernstein & Kristi Lee

Dave Bernstein & Kristi Lee

Dave Bernstein has spent 32 years in broadcasting and marketing, with a passion for spreading positivity and changing lives. He is an in-demand speaker and master of ceremonies, voiceover artist, copywriter and editor, as well as a Kajabi webmaster, and is blessed with two amazingly creative daughters.

A firm advocate in developing business relationships that are meaningful and abundant, Dave believes in the motto, "Friends first, business second", and it's his dedication to relationship marketing that he feels is the basis for repeat customers that are consistent, the acceleration of referrals, and positioning his clients for success.

His interviewing skills, understanding of multimedia, and strategic networking abilities make him highly in demand by many top marketing experts.

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Kristi Lee has 34 years of experience in marketing and business strategy in both corporate and private consulting.  She is an author, speaker, foodie, and proud Mom to her incredibly dynamic daughter.

A master of network marketing and sales conversion, Kristi teaches others how to generate leads, build trust and rapport. put effective processes in place, and how to keep sales coming in, with a follow-up system that is second to none. Her trainings have become indepensible for those who are serious about increased sales. 

Kristi's skill level in entrepreneurial leadership and team building has resulted in massive shifts in earning potential for her clients.