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Julia Valentine, MBA

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Dear Parent,

I have made my child a millionaire, and so can you.
My clients told me that it’s one of the best things they had ever done for their children – and a huge relief.

All you need is common sense.
I have an MBA from an Ivy League university (Columbia), over 20 years of Wall Street experience working for companies like JPMorgan investment bank & a billionaire family office and many TV & radio appearances on shows you probably know (NPR, anyone?). I can tell you one thing: this is not rocket science. In this day and age, anyone with a brain can make their child a millionaire. I can help you do it in the shortest amount of time.

It’s not enough to give your children money.
The key is giving them the right information at the right time in the right way. Have them practice with pocket change, not their first mortgage. Teach them through stories, real-world examples and mastery experiences. I will show you how to create habits (any habits, not just financial habits), how to teach good financial habits by age bracket, and the 5 must-know financial concepts that proven, university-led studies definitively linked to creating wealth.

Psychology plays into it.
We want our children to get and keep the money. Wait! We want them to grow their money. It means we need to focus on developing the qualities that result in financial (and professional) success: understanding what’s important, patience, self-control, courage, decisiveness, risk-taking, resilience and others.

Our relationship to money is not learned in a classroom.
Early on, we decide if the world is a good place and if we can do well in it. A parental script – what we learn from our parents – shapes our decisions about the world, about money, and about our ability to achieve success. You can see the impact of parental scripts all around you. People who win $300M in a lottery and are back to nothing in 5 years – here you go! You’ve just seen a glaring example of parental script taking over.

How to Answer the 3 Most Important Questions in Life. 
The outcome of a good parental script is that our kids won’t have to struggle with:
1)      Can I build the life that I love? They will just naturally create it.
2)      Do I have what it takes to succeed? They won’t doubt themselves.
3)      What does it mean for me to be happy, to thrive and to flourish?  They will live a life of well-being that will feel completely authentic and natural to them.

This program contains 50 videos that will help you raise happy and wealthy children. 

Julia Valentine, MBA

Julia Valentine, MBA

Julia Valentine is a certified professional NLP coach and financial expert who combines psychology
and finance to help people create happy and prosperous lives.

She has contributed to mainstream TV, radio and print publications, including ABC, CBS, FOX, WGN,
NPR, Smart Money Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Sirius XM, the New York Post, the
Washington Post, and others.

Ms. Valentine graduated magna cum laude from the Finance program (ranked #2 in the U.S. by the
U.S. News & World Report) at NYU Stern School of Business. She holds an executive MBA from
Columbia University. Ms. Valentine has over 20 years of experience in top-tier financial institutions,
including HSBC Securities, JPMorgan Investment Bank, and the hedge fund D. E. Shaw. Julia holds
the title of Vice President at an investment management firm for ultra-high-net-worth families but her
favorite job is securing the emotional well-being and financial wealth of her own adorable daughter.

Finding personal financial advice psychologically unrealistic, Julia acquired a certification in Neural
Linguistic Programming and Coaching from a school approved by the National Board for Certified
Counselors and the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Combining her work experience,
certification in NLP and business acumen from her Columbia University Executive MBA, Julia has
developed content and presented highly successful seminars in 12 cities throughout the United

Using her 20 years of experience of working with millionaire and billionaire families, Ms. Valentine
created a program called Mama, Make Me a Millionaire! that helps any parent achieve excellent
results in raising happy & wealthy children.

Julia's daughter Beatrice is the inspiration behind all the hard work that goes into creating
high-quality programs that make a real difference for parents who want their children to flourish.