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Aaron Lloyd Ulysses Parnell

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Weight gain, saggy skin, facial tension

You try to take good care of yourself…and you do.

Then—one day you look in the mirror— and you wonder if you’ll ever find a way back to being your best.

What can you do 

The health and beauty industry has turned thaquestion into a multi-billion dollar answer:  Creams. Potions. Injections. Surgical Procedures.

It seems that everyone wants to do something TO the body to restore beauty.

How can you ignite the fire of the natural beauty you already possess?

22 Days to Dazzling Posture is a boot camp for busy women that promotes great posture and relieves stress in the core muscles of the face and neck. 

The boot camp begins at the hands—where most posture problems of the face and upper body originate. Then you’ll progress to the shoulders and neck, followed by posture-makeover moves for the torso and back. 

You’ll receive just one simple thing to do for a few minutes, a few times each day for 15 days—to build a new foundation of strength and freedom for your upper body.

For the final 7 days, the best moves are strategically paired for maximum effect.  

The results are dramatic and long-lasting:
Posture-related pounds just melt away.
Tension in the core muscles of the face and neck reduces to a minimum.
Your clothing fits better with great posture.

And best of all, the Dazzling Posture Bootcamp makes you feel good all over!

Developed with decades of experience in posture and health, Olympic Sports Therapist, Aaron Parnell created a workout for women to reverse the effects of time, stress and gravity, that’s good for your entire body.


Aaron Lloyd Ulysses Parnell

Aaron Lloyd Ulysses Parnell

Aaron Parnell is the founder and creator of Reposturing—The Pain Elimination Method®. Serving as a sports massage therapist at the Los Angeles Olympics, treating and studying hundreds of world-class athletes from 42 countries in 52 sports; Aaron launched his career in sports-fitness, and health-wellness. 

Aaron uncovered two important patterns that inspired him to shift his focus. Aaron has since devoted his life to helping all people—not just athletes—reach their full potential

Using posture as a foundation for pain-free living, Aaron applies his education in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, exercise physiology, biophysics, and human development to help people reach their health and wellness goals. 

Aaron has authored nearly 100 published articles on a range of health and wellness topics. Additionally, he has produced two fitness workout videos, appeared on radio and television programs across the nation, and he trains and certifies practitioners in Reposturing through a nationally recognized program.

On daily basis, Aaron works with clients at The Vitality Center in San Mateo, California using the Reposturing method to help meet their health goals.