Sit, Stand, Move: 15 Minutes That Will Change Your Life

Michael Leone - Master Teacher


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If you are new to the path of qigong, this easy to follow course will help you integrate a simple qigong practice in your life. Enjoy the trifecta experience of sit (meditation), stand (energy practice), and movement to unlock your optimal qi (energy) flow.   Sit

Each day, Master Campbell will lead you through 5-minutes of seated meditation set to music he has composed to help quiet your mind and embrace peace. This simple but powerful practice sets the pace for the day.


Daily Standing practice with Master Leone will help you develop a discipline. You will learn the forms that build the nervous system and overcome the impulse of emotion and to let qi flow.


This gentle, balanced, movement addresses the biggest biomarker in aging: inflammation. Moving every day is essential for your health, happiness and peace. But that doesn't mean you have to train for a marathon. 

Michael Leone - Master Teacher

Michael Leone - Master Teacher

Master Teacher Michael Leone has over 34 years of martial and healing art experience. He is the Head Medical Qigong director of the Zen Wellness organization. He owns and licenses Martial Arts, Zen Yoga and Zen Wellness Centers, and is the author of the highly acclaimed book “Zen Wellness Self-Care Solutions” along with numerous DVD’s on Qigong, Tai Chi and Martial Arts. A registered 8th degree Black Belt Master Instructor registered with the United Martial Arts Association of America and recognized by The National Qigong Association, Yoga Alliance and The International Doh Yi Federation. Master Leone has been teaching the eastern arts full time for over 25 years and has trained and certified thousands of black belts and instructors.

He began his martial arts training as a teenager in 1977. It was at that time he began to see the healing aspects of Qigong, bagwa, tai chi and the internal disciplines that cultivate greater energy flow in the body. He witnessed students of all ages experience what seemed like miraculous healing of back, knee, neck injuries, and many other ailments. His entire life has been devoted to studying and teaching martial, medical and spiritual Qigong ever since.

Master Leone has trained with many masters and grandmasters of many different disciplines and continues his training and teaching in the Phoenix area and travels throughout the world conducting trainings and certifications for instructors.