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Kamlesh Thakur

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Who this course is for

Ambitious and busy career professionals in the service based industry, for those with jobs in a high stress workplace (where it feels as though your head is on), those in an unstructured and distracted work environment, and students who find it challenging to stay focused

Kamlesh Thakur

Kamlesh Thakur

 Hi! I'm Kamlesh, a Leadership Coach and Online Educator

Everything I do, I believe in helping ambitious career professionals challenge the status quo, I believe in helping career professionals achieve independence, I believe in helping professionals obtain the 'freedom to positively impact the world', by equipping them to do what they love doing

And the way I help professionals and companies challenge the status quo, is by inspiring them to do things that empower them pursue continuous progress

I just happen to be a passionate leadership coach, who makes powerful leadership and business programs

My mission is to help ambitious IT and software professionals worldwide develop impactful leadership skills that drive organizational success while empowering them to positively change their world

My Vision is to help organizations build inspiring leaders and a thriving workplace culture that is primed to outperform and equipped for continuous progress