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Dr. Charles Sanger

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Turn your blog into a book!

Are you an emerging author who is serious about the content of your book? Publish Your Message is a professional program that mentors you from concept to manuscript to publication and beyond.

We combine proven online learning, community, project management and live Your Message Conference events to give you a full experience and get you to your goal.

Breakthrough writing barriers, overcome challenges, learn the secrets of publishing as you become the author of a quality book that increases your influence and impact.

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Dr. Charles Sanger

Dr. Charles Sanger

As an international communicator, I have taught hundreds of leaders, business owners and professionals to clearly communicate their message.

I bring years of developing programs for giants like CA, teaching Certified Project Management Professionals, leading international project teams and building three companies.

When my book became a #1 Bestseller, people asked me how they could write a book. Of all the programs I invested in, I was unable to recommend one. And that is when Publish Your Message was born.

I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Pilotage Group, Inc. based in Texas and hold a Doctorate of Intercultural Studies from Grace College and Seminary.