How Yoga IS Began...

My Yoga and Meditation journey began 20 years ago. Yoga has been my anchor throughout my entire life. It allowed me to overcome anxiety and was the biggest support in one of the darkest times in my life. I lost my mother at 57 years old to breast cancer. This was an incredibly dark time for me. I was filled with doubt, uncertainty, and deep sadness. Though I had been practicing and teaching yoga for years, it didn’t immediately occur to me that the teachings and wisdom of yoga could help me with what I was going through. Not knowing what else to do, I decided to go even deeper into my yoga practice in hopes of finding some clarity.

This deeper exploration into yoga was the inspiration for my first film, Yoga Is: A Transformational Journey. I traveled to India, the birthplace of yoga to study under the world’s most prominent teachers and gurus. I interviewed and studied with renowned thought-leaders in the United States who were advocating the benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Through each of these experiences, I was able to turn something that felt so dark into something bright and beautiful. Through the help of yoga, I was able to celebrate my mother, not just mourn the loss.

The response to the film was immediate and a little overwhelming.

I was flooded with emails, inquiries and requests for more answers, deeper discussions, and further explanations of the material we covered. It was these heartfelt messages that inspired me to imagine new ways to bring this conversation into even more homes and more families. That is how the Yoga IS Online was born.


Yoga IS online is a wellness experience unlike any other. We have curated a group of the most respected and beloved yoga minds in the entire world all into one place. Our private interviews offer answers to some of today’s most pressing questions and biggest universal struggles. Our specialized yoga classes are designed to reduce stress, while increasing flexibility and strength. We even have musical performances from yoga rock stars like Michael Franti and Jai Uttal.

Yoga has been the anchor for so many of the challenges in my life.

Whether you are want to listen on your way to work or watch the videos from the comfort of your living room in your pajamas, I hope Yoga IS will bring the same light into your life that my experiences with yoga have brought to me.  My greatest passion in life is sharing the experience that I've found with yoga with as many people as I can.

If you are seeking relief from depression, anxiety, grief or addiction, self empowerment, getting in better fitness shape, or desire a better understanding of your daily practice, Yoga IS Online has something for you. We invite you to join the movement.

If you'd like to go deeper I'd love to work with you individually in weekly coaching sessions - just email me at [email protected] 

Much love and gratitude,

Suzanne Bryant

"Suzanne, I listen to the interviews daily while driving and partake in the classes in the evening. They infuse my days with so much encouragement and support."

San Francisco

"Having access to this many of the world's most influential yoga teachers to practice with and listen to every day is utterly amazing. This series has allowed me to find a true peace of mind. Thank you Suzanne for creating Yoga Is!"

New York City

"Having access to all these top teachers daily with both interviews and classes keeps me inspired daily and motivated to be my best self both mentally and physically. Thanks Suzanne Bryant for this wonderful opportunity. "



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