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YOGA IS online is an exclusive collection of yoga & meditation classes, musical performances and inspirational interviews with today's most celebrated and influential yoga & wellness minds. Everything for the modern yogi lifestyle.

-Created by Suzanne Bryant


"Suzanne, I listen to the interviews daily while driving and partake in the classes in the evening. They infuse my days with so much encouragement and support."

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Practice and learn with the world's leading teachers from the comfort of your own home.

Inspiring Interviews

Watch transformational interviews from world-renowned yoga teachers & wellness experts that will help you transform every area of your life.

Musical Performances

Nourish the soul with music from celebrated musicians Krishna Das and Michael Franti. 

The Story Behind Yoga-Is


Finding your way takes practice

Having a good guide doesn't hurt

Meet Some Of Our Teachers

You won't find this many of the world's most amazing yoga minds all in one place!

Deepak Chopra

The Science of Yoga

Shiva Rea

The Transforming Power of Love

Seane Corn

Detoxing For a Mindful Planet

Michael Franti

The Power of Music and Yoga

Kathryn Budig

Aim True

Colleen & Rodney Yee

Sequencing Emotions

Sadie Nardini

Rock Your Authenticity

Krishna Das

The Path of Devotion

Sharon Gannon

The Art of Letting Go With Meditation


A New Light Of Abundance

Elena Brower

Crafting an Inspiring Personal Practice

Ana Forrest

Learning To Stalk Your Fear

Sianna Sherman

The Way of The Phoenix

Congressman Tim Ryan

The Power Of Mindfulness

Kia Miller

The Mystery of Kundalini

Ashley Turner

Yoga for Confidence and Courage

Jai Uttal

Awakening Bhakti Workshop

Dr. Sara Gottfried

Yoga For Healthy Hormones

Dharma Mittra

Yoga For Instant Energy

Mandy Ingber

Self Acceptance

Baron Baptiste

A Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Class

Don Miguel Ruiz

The Toltec Art of Life and Death

Janet Stone

Hanuman Flow | Leap of Faith

Eoin Finn

Blissology: Accessing The Power of Our Inner Light

Carolyn Myss

Bringing Common Sense to Healing

Tommy Rosen

Releasing Karmas and Trauma

Cristi Christensen

Set Your Soul On Fire

Robert Sturman

Mastering The Art of Yoga Photography

Cyndi Lee

Equanimity: To Stand in the Middle of All This

Alan Finger

Balancing Chakra's Through Sound and Visualization


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Yoga Classes For Stress Relief
with Shiva Rea


"I was going through a very challenging time in my life and I found Yoga IS Online. Suzanne this brought me out of my darkness and reconnected me to my purpose and now I live and inspired life. I am eternally grateful for your wisdom and the wisdom of all these teachers."


Understanding The Science Of Yoga
with Deepak Chopra


"Suzanne thank you for your creation of Yoga Is Online! I have the ability to study with you all these amazing teachers everyday. What a gift!"


Yoga and Our Emotional Health
with Seane Corn


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